“Keith is a guy that has the unique ability to ask questions and get out of the way and let the story go in the direction that the teller tells it. He doesn’t just try to get a person to say what he thinks they should, and that is something I have always appreciated when working with him and reading his work.”
— Justin McBride; two-time PBR World Champion / PBR Ring of Honor / CBS broadcaster

“Keith Ryan Cartwright is a natural born writer that submerges himself in his subjects and comes out the other side with a fair and accurate account of the story with no rock left unturned. When I first met him, he didn’t have a clue about bull riding, but in short order became an expert on the sport. On top of this, he is Harvard-educated in his craft. I’m a fan of his work.”
— Ty Murray; nine-time PRCA World Champion / PBR Ring of Honor / CBS broadcaster


“Keith gets it right. When he interviews someone he makes sure he understands the answers to his questions, and is always accurate and fair in his writing.”
— Cody Lambert; PBR cofounder / PBR Ring of Honor / PBR Livestock Director

“Keith always wrote what I said, never changed anything about an interview and the truth is always good with me.”
— J.B. Mauney; two-time PBR World Champion

“He’s great. His unassuming demeanor makes you very comfortable in an interview. His stories are creative but fair. Honest and to the point. One of the few writers I feel is trustworthy.”
— Shorty Gorham; PBR bullfighter / CBS broadcaster

“I have been interviewed by him, and I have been the interviewer of him. And no matter which side I am on, the conversation with Keith Ryan Cartwright is always heartfelt, intellectually stimulating, and honest. Keith is the ultimate professional and a dear friend.”
— Flint Rasmussen; PBR Entertainer / Sirius XM radio host

“Like any good writer, KRC is adept at studying a landscape, charting out a course, and then deftly navigating readers to his chosen destination. But what makes Keith great, is his keen ability, if need be, to steer ‘without the help of the stars’ and use his intuition to guide both the interview, and the final product, to its proper home. His unique skillset turns each assignment into its own Literary Lighthouse. One that, while keeping us away from the usual dangers and trappings of common authors, also acts as an intended beacon- to ensure those who choose to make the journey, arrive at the proper point, richer for the experience.”
— Craig Hummer; CBS, ESPN and NBC broadcaster (PBR, Tour de France, Olympic Games)

“In all the time I’ve known and worked with Keith, I’ve always known him to write with integrity and never twist anything to fit a certain context. He’d always shoot straight and quote accurately in every article that was written. And as a competitor, I thoroughly enjoyed being interviewed by Keith because he had actually done his homework beforehand and was knowledgeable about the subject at hand. Always came across as a well-informed professional that did his job with excellence.”
— Kody Lostroh; PBR World Champion

“KRC is the best history teller that I ever talked to. He is right on point, always able to get deep in the subject, writing exactly was told to him without making up facts to please the reader. He is always honest and knows how to tell the true story (without) making one look bad. I have a lot of respect for him not only as a writer, but as a person. I enjoy reading his writing.”
— Robson Palermo; three-time PBR World Finals winner