The official guide to the Toughest Sport on Earth

This is not a rodeo.

They don’t rope calves or chase barrels. This is bull riding and the first rule is to just stay alive. It’s one man, it’s one bull, and eight precious seconds. 


This book is your ticket to the action.

All of the blood, sweat and dirt is here in a full-color collection of breathtaking, action-packed photographs from the Professional Bull Riders.

The PBR is one of the fastest-growing sports in history, boasting multimillion dollar purses for its athletes and more 100 million television viewers in 70 countries across the globe. That’s no small feat when you consider that less than two decades ago the PBR was nothing more than a dream shared by 20 cowboys.

Longtime fans of the sport will get a behind-the-chutes look at their favorite riders and bulls. All the greats are here, from Adriano Moraes, Justin McBride and Chris Shivers to Little Yellow Jacket and Mossy Oak Mudslinger.

Newcomers will get a clear and concise introduction to the sport—its origins, the rules of competition and what it takes to become a Champion—and an overview of the Western way of life.

This collection of lavish photographs is a visual treat for anyone interested in the world’s toughest sport.

—Jeffrey Johnstone and Keith Ryan Cartwright