Marty Robbins’ old car sparks ‘rat rod’ hobby

When Tommy Ring and his pal Ronny Robinson pulled the 1933 Plymouth out from the bottom of the creek, he had no idea what would become of the nearly 80-year-old car.

Country Music Hall of Famer and onetime NASCAR driver Marty Robbins had discarded the car back in 1976.

All those years ago, it had slid sideways into the water with the suicide doors open, and the body broke free from the frame when it hit the creek bed. Now, on a drizzly Saturday morning in 2010, Ring and Robinson cut the weeds back that had grown high above the roof line and found the old Plymouth along with the remains of several other classic cars.  Continue reading “Marty Robbins’ old car sparks ‘rat rod’ hobby”

Move to gospel earns songwriter first Grammy nomination

Songwriter and musician Tim Menzies had gone a lifetime without even being nominated for any sort of music award, much less a Grammy.

It’s only fitting that last month, on Dec. 5, it would feel like another lifetime while the Thompson’s Station resident waited to find out if his first-ever gospel album, “His Way of Loving Me,” was among those receiving a nomination for the upcoming Feb. 8 awards show. Continue reading “Move to gospel earns songwriter first Grammy nomination”