Johnny Cash’s ‘Legacies’ as a father live on

Like his father, Johnny Cash often snacked on peanuts.

For much of his adult life, he would regularly sprinkle a handful of them on his father’s grave whenever he had a chance to visit after Ray Cash’s death in 1985.

In the nearly 12 years since Johnny Cash died in 2003 at the age of 71, his only son, John Carter Cash, has done the same at the site that marks his own father’s final resting place.

A few times a year, including Father’s Day, the younger Cash pays his famous father a visit and leaves behind a few peanuts for the Man in Black.

“On a special day, once in a while — just a couple times a year because he ain’t in there, to put it in a Southern way, he’s just not in there — anyway I go leave peanuts on his grave,” said John Carter Cash, leaning back on a kitchen chair and gazing at the ceiling at his Cash Cabin Studios in Hendersonville.

“People go to his gravesite and leave all kinds of things, and if anybody ever sees a few little peanuts, that’s me or my sisters.” Continue reading “Johnny Cash’s ‘Legacies’ as a father live on”