Two-wheeling with Ty Murray

By the time Ty Murray retired from professional bull riding, in 2002, the last thing he ever thought about doing with his spare time was traveling. He packed up his bull riding gear for the last time, in Billings, Montana, and went back home to Stephenville, Texas, where Murray and those who knew him best figured he’d spend as much time as he could working on his 2,400 acre ranch.

He and his best friend Cody Lambert had driven and flown hundreds of thousands of miles from one pro rodeo to another and eventually crisscrossed the country after co-founding the PBR with 18 other bull riders; so the cowboys had seen more than their share of truck stops and airports.

For Murray, it was time to settle down and become more of a rancher than a rodeo athlete, who had become widely known as the “King of the Cowboys” during his years of riding bulls, saddle broncs and bareback bucking horses. At that point, he was done and the transition to the next chapter of his life was an easy process. Continue reading “Two-wheeling with Ty Murray”