Mt. Juliet dancer takes Marvel LIVE by storm

Even when a summerlong trip to Los Angeles resulted in Chelsea Hough being represented by one of the most respected dance agencies in the country, the Mt. Juliet native never imagined that she would be cast in Marvel Universe LIVE!

Hough, 20, will be performing as iconic character Storm this weekend at Bridgestone Arena along with a cast representing more than 25 Marvel superheroes. Continue reading “Mt. Juliet dancer takes Marvel LIVE by storm”

‘Wildflower’ is like ABC’s ‘Nashville’ for teens

Kentucky native Alecia Whitaker recently released her second novel, “Wildflower,” which is the first of a three-book series set in Nashville.

It follows 16-year-old Bird Barrett, an aspiring songwriter, as she attempts to balance her strong family values with the ambition of becoming the next female voice of country music. Continue reading “‘Wildflower’ is like ABC’s ‘Nashville’ for teens”

Franklin father turns ‘animal crackers’ for kids into feature film

Becoming a parent is a life-changing experience.

Back when Scott Christian Sava, 45, became a father of twins — Brendan and Logan — 11 years ago, the animator had no idea that fathering twin boys with his wife, Donna, would lead the family to Franklin, Tennessee, and a career as a filmmaker.

“It gave me a voice,” said Sava, who created various comic book stories — “Ed’s Terrestrials,” “Pet Robots” and “Animal Crackers,” among them — to share with his sons.

“I learned that I like telling all-age stories and I wouldn’t have known that had it not been for my kids. It gave me purpose. It gave me a direction.”  Continue reading “Franklin father turns ‘animal crackers’ for kids into feature film”

Why is Tab Barker living in a teepee?

By living simply—look where he sleeps—and devoting his life to others, Tab Barker has built seven schoolhouses and three water systems in Nicaragua, and he doesn’t plan on stopping soon.

Every night when he’s Austin, Thomas “Tab” Barker sleeps in a teepee in the backyard of his home. It’s a magical ritual for the founder of Project Schoolhouse, which builds elementary schools and clean water systems in rural Nicaraguan communities.

“Sleeping in a teepee connects you to things you don’t understand, and you don’t understand why you feel connected to them, but it feels good,” says Barker, 40, a native of Wyoming who moved to Austin 12 years ago on a musical whim. Continue reading “Why is Tab Barker living in a teepee?”

Running on faith

He’s known throughout the bull riding and rodeo community as “Fearless” Frank Newsom, but on this particular night a man many describe as the toughest person they ever met was frightened.

“Scared to death,” on the run from authorities and nowhere to hide, Newsom thought of the one person who would help. It was just after midnight when he called Rob Smets from a truck stop in downtown Shamrock, Texas.

They weren’t particularly close friends.  Continue reading “Running on faith”